Build less and do more with a vast library of plug and play skills

Easily create and consume software skills that can be chained together to create custom workflows unique to your business needs. Deploy them to your entire fleet instantly.

Skills Marketplace

Coming later this year, the Optra Skills Marketplace will allow you to easily install containerized applications that give your Optra device new capabilities.

Person Counter

Machine Learning Skill that detects and counts the number of people in a given area.

Remote Media Server

Utilizes the audio outputs of your Optra device to play music to external devices.

Fax Server

Move your fax server to the edge for faster, more secure fax functionality.

Parking Lot Monitor

AI Vision skill for monitoring the auto traffic in a parking lot.

Relay Switch

Trigger a hardware relay switch remotely from your Optra Compute device.


Trigger a hardware alarm (audio or visual) remotely from your Optra Compute device.

Coming Soon

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Media Server

Configure thousands of devices across a chain of retail locations - all from a single portal.

Optra Compute

Network Appliance

With Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi built in, Optra’s networking capabilities make it a perfect fit for various network applications.

Optra Compute

Manufacturing Control

Optra’s comprehensive I/O capabilities makes it an ideal device for controlling external hardware.

Optra Vision

Parking Spot Tracker

Optra Vision’s advanced GPU is ideal for vision-based Maching Learning tasks like counting cars and parking spaces.

Optra Vision

Your applications running on the edge

Securely move your applications out of the cloud and into the world. Edge computing allows you to save time and money with fewer servers and less infrastructure.

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