Automated visual inspection for manufacturing.

Pair a network camera with this Optra skill to monitor product assembly and insure the products you build every day meet the quality standards you aspire to. The Manufacturing Vision skill is designed to integrate with your MES (Manufacturing Execution System) via a REST API hosted by the Optra Device. Allow Lexmark to help you build custom computer vision models to inspect critical elements of your products.

The Manufacturing Vision application is designed to operate “on the edge,” minimizing the risk of assembly downtime due to loss of internet connectivity, and optionally enabling an air-gapped network architecture.

The machine learning model used by the skill can be updated or changed via the REST API and the business logic is left to the user’s MES, making the Manufacturing Vision skill highly customizable to the user’s application and system needs.

The REST API supports secure HTTPS access only, meaning a username and password (or authentication token) are required for each request. These login credentials are supplied in the Auth Header using Basic Authentication.

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vz1000, vz5000

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