**Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Foot Traffic**

The Foot Traffic skill provides real-time information about the total number of visitors, entering and exiting a specified location.

This information is the best indicator of the total occupancy for a given location. It can be used to identify the peak hours for customer visits, and to calculate occupancy trends across different time periods.

For the implementation of the skill, the user will specify the entry and exit regions for a particular location, via a web interface.

One of the primary sources of dissatisfaction among shoppers are delays at the checkout.

By recording the number of customers entering and leaving the store, the staffing at checkout lanes can be scaled up and scaled down as needed. This is achieved based on real-time data and will:

  • Shorten customer wait times Improve the overall customer experience
  • Balance staffing efficiency
  • Reduce costs from overstaffing at checkout lanes.

This skill leverages cameras and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to accurately count the number of people entering the store in real time. The cameras are placed at the entry and exit of the store to record shopper arrivals and departures.

How can this improve your operations? An accurate prediction of checkout staff level is computed through understanding the average shopping time for your store combined with an accurate count of the number of people entering and exiting the store.

Use the information garnered from the skill to alert associates to return to the checkout lanes in advance of long queues forming, or when they are free to close their lane due to dwindling traffic.

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